In the SWD field of action "Structural Change and Smart City," the Dormagen economy is being supported in the far-reaching changes brought about by the megatrends of "digitalization" and "climate change.

To this end, the two core projects "Smart Industrial City" and "Industry Hub" in particular have been designed and further project approaches developed in a wide-ranging partner network. The nucleus of the projects is the "ChemLab" launched in 2018, where the idea of networking technology startups and companies from the chemical industry was transferred into concrete projects.

The mission of the "Smart Industrial City" project is to build up digital location factors and develop Dormagen into a smart city, as well as to establish a startup, tech and university network. The basic idea is to further develop the location together with local companies. The Smart City strategy of the city of Dormagen, which was drawn up by SWD in mid-2021 and has been further developed in the meantime, serves as the basis. The task of the Industry Hub is to support Dormagen companies with innovations and digital transformation as well as the conception of digital and sustainable business models through consulting services and networking.

As an industrial city in transition, Dormagen is thus responding to the challenges of the digital age and structural change with intelligent measures. A clear commitment to the future as an industrial and production location and the will to make it smart and fit for the future. The Chempark operator Currenta is one of the strategic partners here, along with a strong partner network. Dormagen sees the opportunity to position itself with digital location factors at an early stage with the development of virtual and physical data infrastructures and to actively participate in the development towards smart cities and Industry 4.0 as a "first mover".

mover" in actively shaping the development toward smart cities and Industry 4.0. What is true for the economy is just as true for the city administration. Municipal authorities can also draw even greater added value from their own data for internal optimization, create a basis for decision-making and increase transparency. At the same time, municipal data form a "data treasure" that can be used to generate new services or added value, always in compliance with data protection requirements.

With this motivation, SWD has started to build the data infrastructures and would like to continue on this path continuously. Do you want to become part of the Smart Industrial City?

Your contact

André Heryschek
Head of Structural Change and Smart City

02133 257 657


Christoph Reitenberger
Smart City Manager

02133 - 400 2964


Smart Industrial City is a joint project of Stadtmarketing- und Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Dormagen and Currenta, operator of the Chemparks Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld.

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