Industry Hub

Objective of the Industry Hub

To provide industrial companies and small and medium-sized enterprises from Dormagen and the Rhine district of Neuss with content and methodological support in setting up digital, sustainable and innovative business models and adapting business processes.


Structure of the Industry Hub

Project cooperation between Stadtmarketing- und Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Dormagen mbH and Rhein-Kreis Neuss as part of the federal support program "Unternehmen Revier". Free consulting and networking services are offered to help companies meet the current challenges of structural change, digitization and sustainability.


Service construction kit

The service toolbox designed by the company provides important support for the local economy in adapting business models and opening up new business areas. Depending on the problem and interests of the company, there are various modules that can be used free of charge.

The five modules - analysis, attention, network, incubator and accelerator - are used to analyze and develop specific potential in a structured manner.



Companies are analyzed with regard to their individual needs and challenges. You receive customized solutions and impulses for your specific use case.


We identify, accumulate and evaluate innovative technologies and business models. These insights are aggregated and shared with interested parties and partners through events.


The Industry Hub offers you a comprehensive network of startups, established companies, scientific experts and political stakeholders. Become part of the network and benefit from the exchange.


Innovative ideas are developed, discussed and sharpened through workshops and proven methodologies. Together with experts and partners, your ideas become real products and business models.


Once the idea is in place and the business model fits, the only thing missing is the right partners. You receive concrete support for the growth and development of your company or new business models.


Service construction kit - procedure of the offer

The offer always begins with a non-binding initial meeting in which the individual needs of your company are analyzed. Based on this, you will receive customized solutions, specifically for your application.

  • Analysis In a non-binding initial meeting (checkup), points of contact and potential are identified.
  • Attention & Network Your business model is already digital, sustainable and future-proof? Benefit from our networkand informative events. As an impulse generator or future joint venture partner.
  • Incubator Are you ready to question your business model or develop a new one? We support you with suitable workshops and methods. We find the right methodology to leverage potentials.
  • Accelerator You have an innovative business model, but still lack partners, network, concretization or clients? We support you individually according to your needs to accelerate your business development.

Ihre Ansprechpartner

Alena Engelhard 
Innovation Managerin
02133 400 3796


Siju Samuelkutty 
Innovation Manager
02133 400 3796


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