Urban data platform

Since December 2021

The basis of our smart city activities is improved transparency and local cooperation to bring together, evaluate and optimize information that was previously maintained in isolation. Interactions between the most diverse producers and consumers must be balanced. Decentralized structures, smart grids, regional clusters and further networking of industry and services are building blocks of integrated urban development, especially in the areas of energy, environment and mobility. Local data platforms help to overcome silo thinking as well as to achieve automation effects and enable new services.

In our system-of-systems approach, independent distributed systems form an open system network. The urban data platform orchestrates and harmonizes interfaces and workflows in this system based on open standards and future-proof architectures. We rely on open source modules and a horizontal platform solution for the integration of data from sensor or third-party systems. This allows historical and real-time data to be optimally utilized using uniform data standards and models.

In implementation

Smart Industrial City is a joint project of Stadtmarketing- und Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Dormagen and Currenta, operator of the Chemparks Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld.

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