Traffic census city center

Since October 2021

Visitor flows: To support the Downtown Master Plan and the Integrated Urban Development Concept (ISEK) Dormagen, visitor flows in the pedestrian zone of the downtown area are recorded with the aid of sensors and the data made available on the basis of LoRaWAN radio technology.

This serves to optimize the planning and measurement of measures, especially of a structural nature, the real-time observation of what is happening in order, for example, to be able to check compliance with visitor and safety concepts, the marketing of advertising or retail space, and the demand-oriented planning of city festivals and markets. In the future, the analysis of the data will allow forecasts to be made of the expected number of visitors on a particular day and event. 

Road traffic: A sensor-based cross-section measurement is also being carried out on flowing traffic in Dormagen's city center. The digital recording of traffic based on LoRaWAN radio technology will support planning processes of the city of Dormagen and enable the measurement of measures.

In implementation

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